About Us

The Dibble Funeral Home was founded in 1923 by Donald N. and Margaret Brooks Dibble.  As was typical of that time period, the Dibble’s also owned and operated an adjacent furniture store.   In addition, Donald served as the Dodge County Coroner and operated the ambulance service for the community.

Upon his return from World War II and graduation from the New England School of Mortuary Science, Ralph B. Dibble joined the firm in 1947.  In later years, he also served as the Dodge County Coroner and continued to operate the furniture store.

In 1974, following graduation from St. Olaf College and the University of Minnesota, Barry F. Dibble returned to Kasson and joined the staff of the funeral home.  He also was elected as the Dodge County Coroner following his father’s retirement.

Today, Dibble Funeral Home continues to be operated by Barry and Pat Dibble and serves families throughout the area.